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Lasry Maroc
Shipping agent in Morocco since 1948, Lasry Maroc today has an experienced and proactive team of around a hundred people. It offers day and night service, throughout the year, to provide the best care for your business.

We are all proud of what we build together every day.

Management: Worms Maritime Services
CEO: Mr Alexandre Cour
General Manager: Mr. Marcel-Louis Céré
The Lasry Maroc Management system is certified ISO 9001 - version 2008 by the Veritas certification office...

Our values

Lasry Maroc: Service Quality

Certified ISO 9001 version 2008, LASRY MOROCCO ensures its clients the consistent quality of its services. The company verifies customer satisfaction after each intervention through onboard audits to improve its performance daily and energize its quality system.
All technical (equipment, hotline, vehicles) and human (qualified teams, 24/7 availability) resources are deployed to meet the


Cargo Tracking Note
We kindly inform our customers that LASRY MOROCCO has been authorized by the competent authorities of the countries listed below, through their general agents, to validate Cargo Tracking Documents for all types of cargo (containerized, conventional, rolling stock, etc.) exported to these destinations.

For all shipments bound for these countries, the validation of this document is mandatory to ensure that administrative procedures can be duly carried out.



République Démocratique
du Congo

Côte d’Ivoire

Guinée Conakry


30, avenue des FAR – Casablanca
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