LASRY MAROC's Strengths


Working in the area of the transport since 1948, LASRY MAROC has a unique experience and solid reputation among its customers for professionalism. LASRY is a recognised name in tramping, logistics, cruise and regular cargo traffic in Morocco.


The system quality set up within LASRY MAROC allows to ameliorate its services and to satisfy the principals at best, in the shortest possible time. The biggest owners of shipping company of the world trust in the teams of LASRY for many years and recommend LASRY MAROC to their partners.


LASRY MAROC is always available for customers in all big harbours of Morocco. Thanks to a system of hotline, all services are available 24/24 and 7/7. Whatever is the need, LASRY MAROC can answer to the demands of customers rapidly.


LASRY MAROC gives a complete service to his customers, offering competitive and adapted rates. We do our best to develop new offer and innovative additional services to respond to all of the needs of our customers.

LASRY MAROC policy is to treat all our customers as partners for the future.

LASRY MAROC's quality of service

Certified ISO 9001:2008 guarantees to its customers the regularity of the quality of its services. The highest standard in quality is the base of our organization and ISO our standard for all our process.

LASRY MAROC verifies the satisfaction of its customers using assessments onboard or after each operation in order to improve service levels and update our quality system. LASRY makes all its technical resources available to customers, whilst its logistic teams keep customers informed about all aspects of operations and cost control.


Lasry Maroc : sponsoring activities

Lasry Maroc and Worms SM at the 16th edition of the 4L Trophy 2012

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Ftour team, Ramadan 2013

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Lasry Maroc team

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Cruise Shipping Miami 2014

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1st “Tour du Maroc à la Voile”, from Saidia to Dakhla, September 28 to October 28, 2014

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