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Worms Services Maritimes (WSM), is the heir of the french owners Worms Group founded in 1841 and known until 1998 under the fleet names of SFTP, STMP and then CNN (Euronav).

Worms Services Maritimes is very active as liner (15 lines represented in France) and shipping agent operating a network of owned offices at french ports where 1400 vessels/year come to our husbandry and makes us one of the oldest and largest independent agency in France.

Its excellent reputation of efficiency handling any vessels' types, with a fully operational and professional staff of highly trained professionals available on a 24 hour basis and devoted to time and costs savings, servicing the needs of clients and cargo interest, is widely recognized.

Abroad, we are enjoying uninterrupted partnerships in Egyptian ports since 1875, and we have also extended our presence in Mediterranean Sea to Tunisia and Morocco and new joint ventures were recently set up in Algeria to go with privatization trend.

Used to work and follow up vessels operations in various countries worldwide, the idea naturally came to offer this expertise to our clients via a dedicated department located in Paris, called Worms Hub Agency Office (WHAO) who takes care of all operations and disbursements.

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Please visit WORMS Services Maritimes web site: www.worms-sm.com